I am so thankful that Greta has my hair, but not really my hair. If she had my hair she would have years of emotional hysteria ahead of her. Fortunately she doesn't have a mother who cannot deal with curly hair, who thinks her only option is to take her daughter's curls and brush them out then put them in a pony tail and then proceed to braid the pony tail. This was my life. I am so glad that she has gorgeous soft curls and can have the option I never had, curly or straight? To get my hair straight it costs a lot of money and time. I have finally accepted my hair for what it is, who they are, and I love it unconditionally, but I so would have rather had hair like this. Somehow it looks as if I cut her bangs, which no scissor has touched her head, ever. Here's some photos of her curls and her "surprised" and "happy" looks.