What Would You Do with a Day?

That is a question a lot of moms ask one another. If you had a whole day to yourself, what would you do? Well on Friday, I got that day. My very good friend Rachel was working in San Francisco, from New York, so I had to take advantage of the closer proximity. I flew up on an 8am flight, was there by 9am and we had the whole day together in a beautiful city. I hadn't been to San Francisco in over 12 years, so it was rediscovering the city all over again. We were armed with our trolley and subway maps, my camera, bottles of water, and two very excited attitudes. We walked a ton. It's funny how I refuse to ride public transportation in L.A., but anywhere else, I'm all for it. We rode buses, subways, cable cars, you name it. It happened to be a heat wave so we endured the 90 degree temperatures, but we had a blast. 

How could you not? We went to the Embarcadero area, the Ferry Station, Union Square, shopped on Market Street, Fishermans' Wharf, saw the Golden Gate Bridge, found an awesome Italian deli for sandwiches, stopped for beers at Boudin Bakery (the best sourdough bread manufacturer by the way), went to Ghirardelli Square, took a lot of photos, all before my 8pm flight home. This has been the first time I went anywhere by myself for a whole day, and just got to do whatever our hearts desired. 

I think I will hear about it for awhile from Aaron, he won't let me live it down that he has never been to San Francisco. But I promise to take him. I promise. 

Desmond, you have to forgive me that I didn't call you while I was there, but then Aaron REALLY would've never let me live it down. Next time, he'll be with me and we will be there to see you.

I think it is the cleanest city I have ever been to. No wonder it is the most expensive city to live in all the United States. Everything, all the transportation is run on these cable lines so the emissions are super low. While we were walking down Market Street we saw a city worker scraping all those stickers off the newspaper stands, making it spotless. Even the trash cans have little compartments above the bin for recyclables! Rachel and I both agreed we could move there. I don't think our husbands are so hot on the idea however, it IS the most expensive city to live, I think I mentioned that already.

The people in San Francisco are so nice! Nothing like Rachel and I are used to in Los Angeles and New York. At least 3 times Rachel and I were standing with our maps trying to figure out which way was north and which way was the next F train stop and we were approached by the nicest people asking where we were trying to go and if we needed some help. Okay, they all happened to be men, but still, there aren't very many nice men in L.A. that would do that!

Here are some highlights of our day.

That's Alcatraz in the backround.

Me looking at Coit Tower. 

Inside the Ferry Station.

Overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.