Weekend at Disneyland

Since we have annual passes I am going to try and go as much as possible this year and make it worth the price. We stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel for 2 nights and that definitely had some perks along with it. If you are a guest at the hotel they have something called Magic Mornings, you get into Disneyland one hour before it is open to the public. So we woke up, while ON vacation, at 6 am and were standing at the park gate at 7am. Could you believe that people actually count down the park opening?! Yes! They go 10, 9, 8,. . .as if it was the ball dropping on New Year's Eve! Within that first hour I think we rode more rides than we usually ride in an entire day. My kids were happy because they finally got to ride the new Nemo ride, which I have refused to go on. No ride is worth a 3 hour wait. No. Ride. 

We found out that Greta is pretty much afraid of everything if it doesn't involve a Disney Princess. And Sawyer, well, he cried because he wasn't tall enough for all the scary ones. He did go on Thunder Mountain and the boy had his arms in the air the entire time. You couldn't wipe the smile off his face, while his brother looked from the exit gate in fright that his little brother would go on such an irresponsible ride. However, Gunnar surprised us all and decided to ride the scariest one of all, Tower of Terror. Seriously, I have no way of understanding their thinking or decision making processes.

No child was lost this weekend. I think part of that was we had a ratio of 2 to 1. 2 adults per kid. Good ratio. Especially when you go on any kind of climbing apparatus and all the children divide and separate in their own directions. 

We had a special treat on Sunday, well, Greta did. We were in line for the Disney Princess Faire, Greta got her face painted and then she flirted with all the employees. After, we were approached by a woman with a clipboard who handed us a special invitation to come back at a particular time and place for a special princess treat. I am thinking, yeah, right. Special! 100 of us will show up and we will wait in line for something. But then I realized that she didn't go up to any other kid, not one. I figure if we're still here at that time we may swing by. Well, it's a good thing we did. We went to the designated spot and were alone, standing there, and out behind a hidden wall comes a woman who is looking for Greta. Since we're the only ones standing there, along with my friend's daughter, who by this time had joined us, we are invited behind a special curtain and there is sitting Cinderella and Aurora. And our kids. That's it. We get to talk, take photos, and no one else is around. I thought it was a little odd, but then I think Greta won everyone over at the Faire that morning and some of the princesses asked if she could stay. So there is definitely something about cuteness, it does get you somewhere! And that was the only time we saw Cinderella, she is definitely hard to come by. That lady is scarce at Disneyland, so we felt very special to meet her. I am full fledged, neck deep in this princess thing. I figure I will be at this Faire for the next 4-8 years. So I better get comfortable and make some friends, and VIP Princess status ain't so bad. 

Unfortunately I didn't get to take any photos at this encounter because the wrath of Space Mountain had eaten my camera lense earlier this day. Note to self, those pouches in front of your seat for valuables. . . use them.

A funny story. . . we had a special Character Dining meal at Ariel's Grotto where Greta got to me Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Snow White and Jasmine. All of a sudden this particular day Greta became obsessed with Belle. As Belle is going to all the tables my darling princess is screaming from her high chair "Belle! Belle! Come over HERE!" She twirled, she danced, she hugged, Greta was in her glory. Well, it was the next princess' turn, Aurora. She kneels down low, looks at Greta, tells her how pretty her outfit is, and my daughter looks Aurora straight in the eye and tells her point blank "I want Belle." I tried to explain that it's kind of rude to ask for another princess in the presence of another, but she didn't care. She repeated it another 2 times. Aurora was very understanding however, thank goodness.

I need a vacation now. Three days is waaaay long enough.

A few highlights. . .