Since Sawyer turned 2 and a half he has had a little love affair with dominoes. We go through phases playing them and this week he got the urge. We have three different types and really almost any age can play. We have these wooden Vilac ones which have animals on one side and the dots on the other. They are nice and thick and chunky so little ones have no problem holding them and placing them down. We also have these Eric Carle dominoes which have the numbers next to the animals, they're jumbo size and also great for little kids. And last we have this eeBoo set, a favorite toy/game brand of mine. If you don't have a set of dominoes, go get some. You can play with as few or as many kids, in fact, Sawyer plays by himself with a set creating mazes and letters. By the way, these photos are untouched, I haven't edited them at all, it's my lense doing all the work for me!