A Little Rearranging with FLOR

I am not necessarily a type A personality, but I do have tendencies. My tendencies lean that way when it comes to toys, art supplies, books. And recently I've had minor anxiety attacks when I would enter the boys' room. It is not a large room, medium sized, but it housed all their toys, bunk beds, and clothes, plus their table and chairs for arts and crafts, homework, play doh. So it was tight. I discovered the growing popularity of FLOR, and I decided that was right for us. The rug is put together with carpet tiles that can be removed and cleaned or replaced one square at a time. How much more perfect can you get! 

A little rearranging was in need which spurred a total relocation of the boys' art table. It now resides in our dining room and the boys work there all day long. Homework is done here, books are made here, and all their workbooks, okay all of Sawyer's workbooks, are here as well. They love having a place for all their stuff and being able to create any time the mood strikes them. They no longer have to come to me and ask for their construction paper or markers, they just sit and let their imagination take over.

They have floorspace in their room now to play and I no longer get anxiety attacks upon entering their room, it's a win win situation.