What's worse?

What's worse than getting your first traffic violation after almost 13 years of a clean driving record?

How about getting that ticket, not for something dangerous and bad like a DUI, speeding, going through a red light, no. . . how about the reason being that you were in the far left lane on a busy street and didn't use your psychic powers to know that on the far right curb a pedestrian stepped into the crosswalk and you proceeded to continue driving, thus inevitably preventing a collision behind you?

Or how about while you're being given the ticket the police officer also informs you that since you handed him your insurance card that expired last month because you have too many more important things on your mind than putting your most up to date insurance card in your glove compartment, that you will have to go to court and appear before a judge and show him your current insurance card and also at that time request traffic school?

Or how about after being informed of this you proceed to cry and the police officer becomes concerned for your welfare and asks if you're going to be okay, tells you that he doesn't enjoy giving these tickets out, and asks if you need to be escorted to work?

Or how about while all this is ensuing your husband drives by and sees you getting a ticket!!!?

Yeah, can someone please tell me what could be worse?