One day last week I was cleaning out our hall closet and came across a horrible looking large piece of red wrapping paper. I was going to recycle it but then I had an thought epiphany and flipped it over and broke out some brand new ever exciting crayons. It became a huge canvas that Sawyer worked on throughout the whole day. Every image had a story behind it and the stories, I wish I could've recorded them because they were pretty interesting. You will notice a large beanstalk in one, there is a drawing of Aaron, myself and Sawyer near the beanstalks. Also, you'll see the cow, and the other animal I was informed is a lama. He was so involved with all the details and really took time to choose which colors to use. I love that his little stick figures now have full legs and arms, and those are ears by the way on the sides of the head, in case you were wondering why we all look like Princess Lea.