A few weeks ago I began preparations on a project for the kids where we would create a few terrariums. My bay window in the kitchen has been in desperate need of something, preferably alive, preferably needing no watering, preferably needing no maintenance or gardening skill whatsoever. 

Supposedly these need watering once a month, if that. I can do that. It took awhile to get all the supplies, I bought the jars from Target, they're the 2 gallon Heritage Collection jars in the kitchen section. I found all the instructions of which plants survive well in them and what order to plant everything. Here are our supplies.

Although the only mistake I made was sending Aaron to the gardening store, or whatever you call those places, and I thought sending him with a list would keep the unnecessary purchases to a minimum, but I was wrong. A $100 later he came home with only 3 items on my list. He thought it necessary to purchase large bags of many different sized rocks, not on my list. Also, the need to purchase several different types of moss when only 1 type was needed, not on my list. Also Venus Fly Traps, not on my list. I think the boys had a little persuasion on that one, plants that can eat flies, definitely a must, not on my list. Among other items like several bags of potting soil, plants that are too tall to even fit into a terrarium, I could go on. So in reality, you could probably make one for about $30, including the jar. Just leave my husband home and you'll be fine.

Greta's is the 1 gallon jar from the same collection, and she chose to place an alligator inside. All the kids got to pick a few animals to live inside their new homes.