Mornings are all about ratios. After you have children it no longer is I wake up at this time, I have to be in the shower at this time and I have to leave the house at this time. No. It all comes down to ratios. 

For instance, I have 3 children. So we all have to be awake, fed, dressed, teeth brushed, shoes on, all before walking out the door. So a typical morning begins with the ratio of 1 to 2, 1 kid up and 2 asleep. Slowly it becomes 2 to 1 and then all 3. Then you get into different ratios. Like I have 2 kids fed, 1 kids dressed, and no kids teeth brushed. Then it can easily become 3 kids fed, 0 kids dressed, 2 kids teeth brushed. Sometimes it's 1 kid fed, dressed, and teeth brushed, and 2 with none of the above. It really is a kind of memory game. The goal of course being 3 for 3 in all areas, but that really can be a challenge. 

I'll pull Sawyer in the bathroom and sometimes have to thumb his toothbrush to make sure it wasn't he that I just made brush, or I'll give the same kid a second plate of breakfast before I realize the crumbs on his shirt. It's a constant juggle of getting which one out the door completely ready. Gunnar always has to be finished soonest since he starts school first, problem being he is the last to wake up. And of course I am the last to do anything, eat, dress, yes. . .even brush my teeth, since I'm not important in the grand scheme of things. 

I'm constantly running around looking for one missing shoe, putting Sawyer's shoes and socks back on because he hates wearing anything on his feet. I have to think ahead with him and only put his shoes and socks on about 2 minutes before walking out the door, or else, there will be a little pile next to the door of said items. 

So ratios it has become. That is what our mornings are like. The clock is my enemy and most of the time a pair of socks where the heel just doesn't fit Sawyer's foot just right. Next time your alarm goes off and you are just counting the seconds or minutes before you move on to the next step, you can think of us, and what ratio I have at that exact moment.