We can check off one item on the lengthy "please do this before your children are grown and married" list. With the help of our tax refund computer purchase we have been able to transfer all of our videotapes of the children, vacations, births, first steps. . . on to dvds! We are done!!! 

I was making regular trips to our safe deposit box to fetch the videos and deposit our new dvds, and now I can make one final run with our completed discs. It is quite a feeling of accomplishment. Now all that is left is the minor organizing of our photos prior to my discovery of photobooks, finishing Gunnar and Sawyer's baby books, starting Greta's baby book, and then we will be attending Greta's high school graduation ceremony. Seriously, this cataloguing of their lives is a lot of work. I think this blog is going to make my life so much easier. A friend recently introduced me to Blurb and I will be publishing all my blog entries about once every 6-12 months and these will become our family's way of remembering all the stories, woes, and experiences we share on an almost daily basis. 

It has been quite emotional to go through these tapes and watch the kids when they were little(r). To see Gunnar and Sawyer at the age Greta is now, it's just incredible that time has gone so fast. 

I came across this clip of Sawyer at 2 months old. I was trying to explain to Aaron the participation he had in creating our son.