Multicultural Show

Here are a few pictures from Sawyer's Multicultural Show last week. The 3 year old class did Italy for the boys and Thailand for the girls. And the 4 year old class did Argentina and Ethiopia. They spent over a month learning phrases in the native language, working on maps of the country, practicing music and songs, and learning about famous people from that country.

Sawyer was one of the artists and he was Italian sculptor/painter Bernini, check out the mustache! He learned phrases like Ciao, Buon Giorno, and that Italians like gelato. They sang O Sole Mio and rode in on a gondola. The rest of the boys from his class were Opera Singers, Gladiators, and Chefs. I really wish I had permission from the moms ahead of time to post all the photos of them in their costumes, it was too cute! The four year olds did a tango to an Argentina song and the boys were adorable in their Zorro costumes.