Sawyer Wisdom

Here are a few saying from Sawyer the last few weeks. That boy just melts my heart, with as much stubbornness and craziness, he has just as much love and heart. 

This weekend when I wasn't feeling so good he snuck out of bed during naptime to bring me Foxy, he said Foxy always makes me feel better, I want you to have him.

A few weeks ago we were walking through the halls of Gunnar's elementary school and one of the upper grades must've been studying anatomy because there were cutout self portrait bodies hanging on the hallway walls. They had all the organs identified and properly placed. Sawyer proceeded to stop in front of one and point to a million organs, what's that? the spleen. what's that? the intestine. what's that? the kidney. what's that? the stomach. Mama, this one is wrong. Why sweetie, what's wrong about it. This one has no balls. 

We have a lot of deep conversations when Sawyer is trying to poop. One day I was sitting on the bathroom floor and he was on the toilet, I was asking him how he got so handsome, he just grinned his sweet smile. Then I told him that he was my most favorite second baby in the world and if he knew that. He thought for a minute and then looked at me and said, Mama, I really like being in the middle. I like it because I get to hold 2 people's hands. I get to hold Gunnar's, and Greta's. You sure do babe.