Growing Up

I have this thing with loose teeth. I can't handle them being loose. When I was kid, at the slightest hint of a loose tooth, that baby would be out in about 10 hours flat. That became my mission for the entire day, and I always prevailed. Sometimes a bit bloody, but that tooth was history. So last week when my oldest son told me in his most ecstatic voice that he had a loose tooth I was all over that. Let me wiggle it, please? I begged all day, but he wouldn't let me near it. I told him to twist it, it's much better than the back and forth motion. He let me touch it a few times but freaked as he felt my grip tighten and try to yank on that sucker. So for days this went on, with this loose tooth, driving me up a wall. And tonight he told me the tooth next to it was loose. You've got to be kidding me, kid! Just pull the thing already! I tried to scare him into letting me get at it by telling him that the doctor would have to pull it if he can't do it himself. I know, bad mommy. Mean mommy. Well tonight while we were in the car waiting for Aaron, Gunnar actually asked me to wiggle his tooth. So I took my opportunity and yanked on that thing so hard my finger hurt. I thought I got it but it was just the noise of the little tooth's root hitting the big tooth that was behind it. By this point Gunnar is in tears, blood is gushing and he's got a tooth hanging by a gum thread. I whipped out some baby wipes and told him to bite on it and clean up the blood. And as he was biting the wipe I yanked on the wipe and pop! out came the tooth. Piece o' cake. He didn't even know it was gone until I picked it up off his lap and showed him. There were definitely some more tears and he freaked a bit because he thought he could never eat food again with one missing tooth, but he got over it and we went for some pizza. Let me tell you, I am all over that next loose tooth. But Gunnar has to be at about an arm's length away at all times now. Even taking this picture he made me hold my other hand behind my back for fear of another loose tooth massacre.


He's growing up. This is a big deal. And Aaron and I are already fighting about what to pay him for it. In my family we always got cash for loose teeth. In Aaron's family(insert his whiny, woe is me voice), "we didn't get a quarter, or even a penny, we couldn't waste pennies for things like that". A little bitter? I have to say it just so coincidentally happens that we're taking the kids to Disneyland tomorrow and there will be a nice big present for one toothless child there. Happy first lost tooth baby!