I look forward all week to Friday afternoons. I love it because that's the start of our weekend and I have no lunches to pack no kids to drive to school and Aaron is home. I also love it because I know I can sleep until 8am the next morning. We had a weekend full of activities. Anniversary Party, day at Disneyland, me sleeping in (I know I already mentioned that). From about Wednesday on I really didn't feel that hot, I kind of felt super tired and icky, but I figure that's sometimes normal, right? Well Friday came and I pushed the ickiness aside and went about Friday as normal, when Aaron came home I was super tired but we were low on diapers so I made a trip to Target. I love Target, but not when I don't feel good. I couldn't wait to get out of there. On the way home it took everything not to close my eyes.

I told Aaron I didn't feel so good and I was going to lay down. That lasted about 12 minutes before Sawyer and Greta found me and proceeded to jump on my bed only missing my head maybe once or twice, all the other times they managed to jump on my head and our aching body. 

I figured 12 minutes was good enough. I went downstairs and made dinner. After we ate I informed Aaron I am sick. I went to bed. It only got worse. I got strep throat. I know this because I've had strep about 17 million times in my life. But after I had my tonsils removed at 20 years old I thought I was done with that. I think I had it one more time about 5 years ago, but when you have it you know it. There is nothing like the pain and swelling of strep. I had a fever, body aches, the whole thing.

By Saturday morning my doctor called in a prescription and I was in bed all day. I did manage to watch movie after movie. I tried to watch all the ones my husband would appreciate me watching sans him. For instance, all Ocean's Eleven sequels, he's not a big fan of Brad Pitt, and throw in Matt Damon and George Clooney, makes for happy sick mama! I watched Waitress and Elizabeth the Golden Age. I think I also watched a few free Sundance Festival Films, all I really didn't understand, but maybe that was from me falling asleep or writhing in pain. I think I managed to tally $44 in On Demand movies. Oops. But what am I supposed to do, we don't even have a DVD player upstairs! 

I could hear a lot of screaming and a lot of fighting going on downstairs, and if you haven't noticed Aaron has impeccable timing. He is one of the most unorganized persons I have ever met in my life. Sorry, babe, but you know it and I still love you, so it's okay. So as unorganized as he is, he gets these ideas of organization from I don't know where. Like a random 3 hour closet clean out once a year, and an alphabetizing of our CDs at midnight, and this particular day he was responsible for the welfare and feeding and safety of my children, he chose to clean out our pantry. Which is a huge undertaking. It's only been done one other time since we moved into this house 2.5 years ago. A normal dad would probably say, let's get the kids out of the house for a few hours and go to the park, but he decides to keep them home and deal with their whining and running underfoot all day while he organizes the tea bags and rice pilaf. 

By Sunday I feel semi normal again. I can function at least. My throat is still pretty rotten, but I can move and not cry. The kids are thankful, I am thankful, and most importantly, I think Aaron is thankful. So one more week until Friday afternoon. . .