Spring Break Part III

I was very excited once Friday came because I knew that we had only one more day until Aaron was home from work and it was the weekend and I could sleep in! On Friday Gunnar, who normally sleeps in if he doesn't go to school, woke at the crack of dawn filled with anticipation. The boy was up and dressed and sitting at the window at 7:30am waiting for his Papa(my dad) to come and pick him up. He was taking Gunnar golfing for the day. Up until this point Gunnar has a collection that includes a putter and wedge, I believe, but I could be wrong. It was very special because the night before he was gifted with a driver from my dad. These three clubs were wedged in a canvas travel golf bag that I think my in laws bought for him on one visit. He was so careful when he picked out his outfit, had to be khaki pants, collared shirt, USC football hat, he was ready to go. And at 8:30 he was gone and in his glory no doubt. I did get feedback that he ruined my dad's golf game that day (or so my dad likes to blame it on him, you be the judge) because he was distracted by Gunnar, always worried about where he was and what he was doing. But Gunnar had an awesome time. Unfortunately I have no photos since I couldn't possibly entrust my father with my camera. My child is one thing, but my camera is another. And my camera won't scream at the top of it's lungs if he's left behind like my eldest child would.

Sawyer had a special treat of his own. He had daddy time and the two of them went to see the new Dr. Seuss movie. Which gave Greta and me nice mother daughter bonding time because we needed more of that. So, what'd we do? You guessed. . .shopped and went for cupcakes. It was delightful.

We decided to finish off Spring Break weekend with some hiking. We counted 11 lizards on our hike in Temescal Canyon, beautiful weather, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. On the hike down Sawyer was already asking to go on another hike. That boy rarely will admit to exhaustion. He will just keep going. Here's some photos from the hike.