Spring Break Part I

Last week we had the glorious privilege of Spring Break. In all honesty, we had an awesome time(I only was peed in the face one time!) because I was prepared. I needed to have planned activities and a game plan for each day to get the kids out of the house and doing things that normally we wouldn't do. 

I had to work on Monday and when I work and all 3 are home they need to be separated. I took Gunnar to work with me and my sister took him for a few hours. On Tuesday I had to wake Gunnar up at 8:45am and I took them all to the park from 9-10 to run around and get as much of their energy out as possible before I had to go in to work at 11. I also had some new toys up my sleeve. In the $1 bins at Target that weekend I found some really cute mini wooden bowling sets and tic tac toe sets. I pulled those out as I was walking out the door for work and that kept them busy the rest of the morning. Wednesday I took them swimming at my parents house and they loved it, as usual. Greta was the last to get out of the pool. And Sawyer only almost drowned 3 or 4 times. He was convinced he knew how to swim without his life vest. Convinced. So I told him he could take it off and see what happens. Sure enough he took off from the ledge and quickly sank, after about 5 seconds I pulled him up and he was so puzzled because he thinks he knows how to swim. After that he put his life vest back on but had to test his swimming skills several more times that morning. Each time ending with a sink and a mom rescue. But at least now he is determined to swim like Gunnar this summer. So lessons will be in order. 

That afternoon we did a fun activity that they've never done before, we went to Color Me Mine with friends and they each picked out a piece of pottery to paint. Kids are free on Wednesdays so all you have to pay for is their item. Thankfully they chose the same thing so we will have no arguments over what they got. Robots. I love robots. And these are going to look great in their room. Here's some before, during, and after shots. 


robots2.jpg  gunnar.jpg

sawyer1.jpg  robotlast.jpg