Major Play in our house

I thought it would be nice to share with you all, friends, family, strangers, stalkers, (just kidding) the things that are getting major play in our household. I am a real lover of Etsy. It's a fantastic place and you find such unique, beautiful, handmade things there, and my kids adore it too. And since I wasn't completely successful in the I'm going to try and be a crafty mama look at what I can do thing, it's just easier and more time efficient to buy them on Etsy. And the kids are much happier as well. 

We have this set of wooden dolls which are my restaurant savior with Greta, I pull these out while our food  is usually cooking:Little girl dolls

And these just came in the mail today: Doll Family

And I just received these ones for Sawyer because he was kind of jealous of hers: Boy ones

And they're just too cute to put in a regular ziploc bag, and I have to keep them separated so each child feels they have their own special pouch, so I got this for Greta and this for Sawyer. And let me tell you, they came in handy tonight. I had 13 minutes left where the kids had to be quiet and sit in their seats and I pulled these little pouches out for the first time(we've had the girl dolls for awhile, but the pouches make them all new again), and those kids were in heaven. They create little scenes and stories about their characters. They lay them down and say they're sleeping, pick them up and say they're awake, they feed them, Sawyer occasionally has his battle. But for the most part it's wonderful, imaginative play. At home these dolls will take their places in our wooden castle or Greta's dollhouse and will provide hours of happiness, that is until Lola(our dog) thinks that one belongs to her and the kids have to duke it out with her. And I highly recommend these sellers, their craftsmanship is wonderful, they ship quickly and they're reasonably priced. Sawyer doesn't know it yet but I just ordered this set of 3 for him, a firefighter, a policeman, and a doctor. Oh, I can't wait to hear the vehicle crashes, ambulance driving, police chases and surgical operations Sawyer will need to perform on Greta's little dolls.