new addition

NO, I am NOT pregnant. Geez, can I ever type that without someone thinking I am with child. I know I have given everyone reason in the past to constantly wonder if that would be the case, but this time Aaron was the one with child. And let me tell you it is a behemoth of a child! It was most painful to actually plan on when we'd have this child, the delivery itself was fast and smooth, and now what was our life like before! Here she is.



 No sooner had I told him that I just spoke with our accountant and that she pressed the little button sending our tax refund info off to the government, was he out the door and in the car. A little impulsive? Not really. The gestation on this child was over a year, and well worth the wait. He didn't stick around long enough for me to tell him we are actually getting back a significant amount less this year because we joyously made it to a new bracket. For future info, work less. You get back more. And honestly, having more kids doesn't really help in the long run. Do not have children because you think it will help you with your taxes. They cost much more than any deduction you possibly can make. 

Case in point, my six year old is eating us out of house and home. I have no problem sharing this info because I thoroughly have done my research and have discovered we're not in the minority or abnormal, but food is expensive; our monthly grocery budget is $1000. And we have yet to keep it within budget. You think, oh my goodness, $1K! How can that be?! Well, figure $250 a week, 5 people, about 4-5 nights eating in, packed lunch for 1 five days a week, breakfast for 5 seven days a week, lunch for 2 toddlers and 1 mom 3 days a week, lunches for entire fam of five 1-2 days on the weekend, 5693 snacks a week. It adds up. Today after the penne bolognese he devoured for lunch he was still hungry. He asked for chicken nuggets and steamed rice and devoured that 2nd meal as well. He must be growing because the boy is a bottomless pit. Maybe it costs more to feed our family because I refuse to feed them junk. I am definitely a Trader Joe's and Whole Foods mama. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was in a grocery store like Ralphs or Vons. But I have heard a lot of the bigger stores are going in the organic direction, so that's great. Aaron recently told me that in 8 years our food bill will double! Can you believe that! That's crazy, but I can totally believe it. And as much as it costs I wouldn't trade their eating habits for anything. I love that for lunch today Sawyer requested salmon, and Greta's favorite snack is humus. I love that Gunnar loves sashimi and they all fight over who gets to finish off the mango. So, expensive, that they may be, but definitely worth every penny. Just like our newest addition.