Time Change

My day usually starts anywhere between 6am and 6:45am. Unlike most people, we embrace the spring forward time change. It may be purely psychological, but we actually convinced ourselves last Sunday morning that we slept in. The two little ones have an internal alarm clock, it doesn't matter usually what time they go to sleep, they will still wake up at the same hour each day. Come Sunday morning of the time change like clockwork they were up at their normal time of 6:30, but alas it was actually 7:30. It makes no sense because we didn't get any more sleep than normal, in fact we probably got less sleep going to bed later than normal. But in our minds we slept in. It was beautiful. We were rested, happy, and refreshed. I know it's just in our minds, but that tells you how powerful the mind can be. And each day since, the kids have had a particularly hard time getting up at their usual time. It took 5 days for them to wake up before 7am, and unfortunately, they finally adjusted. It was a wonderful week of 7:30, 7:15, and 7:00 am awakenings. And that ended has ended. 

So now we are up with the darkness, miserable and tired, all except for Gunnar. Who, bless his heart, is a sleeper. I drag that boy out of bed everyday around 7:40 to get ready for school. We have to be out the door at 8am and if I have all 3 kids with me, it's a tough one. Fortunately Gunnar is the only one that needs to be dressed, teeth brushed and fed. The others can wait until we get home, but it's a rare occasion that they're not since they've been up for at least an hour prior to Gunnar's waking! It's myself that unfortunately misses the whole dressing, eating, bathing thing in the morning. Sorry, too much information but it's true. I'm ashamed to admit that my son's kindergarten class probably knows all too well my pseudo pajama outfits usually outfitted with a pair of flip flops and a baseball cap. 

As you can guess I will be griping come fall and we gain an hour which only makes my children wake up at 5:30am. Thanks but no thanks, you can take your extra hour and shove it!