Balls, Balls, Balls. . .

There are few things my children love more than a day at the park. You can just whisper the word and their ears shoot up and they grab their shoes, some snacks, and are out the door. Kind of like when you pick up a leash, and your dog goes ballistic because they know they're going on a walk.
That's my kids when you utter the word P A R K. And add balls to that mix and they are on cloud 9. 
Whether it be football, basketball, soccer, handball, doesn't matter the shape or size, just the fact that it bounces is enough for them. Here are a few shots of the kids on Saturday at Rustic Canyon Park, the backdrop we used for our family photos. Only this time they were allowed to run and play and get dirty, thus all the action shots. There were no poses allowed. 
We are learning to say 'CHEESE'. . . 
This is the only one I have of Sawyer, he either was always running from you,
away from you, chasing you, or running after a ball. . .