On Wednesday we played hookie from work and school and took all the kids to Disneyland. It was Greta's first time and Sawyer hasn't been since he was 1, so it was basically his first time too. It had to have been the most beautiful day in Southern California, probably 72 degrees. We were in shorts and t shirts and weren't too hot and didn't need our sweaters until dinnertime. We were meeting our very good friends there, and we decided it was worth the money to buy annual passes. Let me tell, 4 annual passes(thank goodness Greta is still free) is more than a car payment, a lot more. But if you go twice it's paid for, and we're already going back in May, so we sprung for it. I guess it was our kids tax refund present.

Surprisingly it wasn't crowded and we hit 3 rides in the first 45 minutes we were there. But getting there was another story. True story, I'm not so good with directions, freeways, compasses, geography, that's about all that I'm not good at, oh yeah and crafty stuff, and cooking, but remember, I'm working on those. I am always the driver because if you can believe it or not Aaron is a worse driver than me. Interesting that I write this after my last post on my car accident. he he he. Well,  I somehow passed Disneyland, which is really hard to do since you exit something like Disney Way or Disneyland Here or Disney This Way You Idiot. But the reason I passed it was because it's not on the 405. Oops. So we turned around and got to the right freeway and waited in line to pay for parking, and waited in line to park, and waited in line to go down the escalator, and waited in line for the tram, and waited in line to get off the tram, and waited in line to get our bags checked for grenades and explosives, and waited in line to buy our season passes, and waited in line to get into the park itself, and then we really didn't wait in line much after that. 

Overall it was an extremely enjoyable day. Except for one thing, we Aaron lost Sawyer. Don't freak, we found him. Jane and I went to get in line for food and David and Aaron took all the kids to Pirates of the Caribbean. With really just one job, don't lose anyone. As I'm waiting to pay, Jane's cell phone rings and I hear her say, "you lost Sawyer?" That's my cue to exit the restaurant and scour New Orleans Square hoping I intersect him because he can't be too far yet. That is all dependent however on how long they waited before they called Jane's cell phone. I am looking down all the stores and through all the groups and as I round the bend there is David sitting with all of my children and one which is his own. And standing next to him is Disney Security with stickers. Aaron about a minute later comes running up and has relief in his eyes that he will not be castrated by yours truly. I guess what happened was as they came out of the ride they walked to where the strollers were and in the second it takes to put Greta in her stroller Sawyer wandered. That's not unbelievable knowing my child. No matter how many stranger talks we give and horror stories we tell him, at that particular moment he is more concerned with the bird that is perched on a faraway bench behind some bushes that is eating a twig that he must go check on. And he's gone, that fast. According to Sawyer he found some strangers that were nice, who in turn found Disney security and handed him over. He said he never cried. Which I also can believe. The only funny part of this story was when David spotted Sawyer with the Disney people and ran over to him yelling "Sawyer! Sawyer!" and they looked at him like, 'yeah, right, sir, he ain't yours, nice try'. You can see in the photos that David is Korean. . .and Sawyer is not. Then they saw he had two other white kids with him and handed Sawyer over. 

Interestingly, I never panicked or cried. I was really calm. Really calm. I think in the back of my mind Disneyland wouldn't be the worst place to lose a child. It's full of families and kids and grandparents and unlike other theme parks you don't have gangs or shady high schoolers walking around. And had he been taken on purpose, it's only a matter of time before they get to know Sawyer and let him loose. But seriously, his life did flash before my eyes, but what would the point of panicking do? Then I wouldn't be able to think logically or decipher where he most likely went, what he was wearing, the color of his shirt, hat, etc. And most importantly, 4 minutes after losing him, he was found. Hallelujah!

We didn't have any meltdowns or fits or tantrums, it was really a great day. In fact, Aaron commented how much fun he had and how he wasn't expecting to enjoy it at all. I guess kids can surprise you, even ours. And I think a major factor in that was they ate really great. I was totally prepared, and being the "park food despiser" that I am, along with the  "you never throw a child's diet out the window, I don't care what day it is, whose party it is, our where we are" person that I am, I packed a great lunch for them and snacks for the rest of the day. Get this, we were at Disneyland the entire day and not once did they ask for ice cream, or candy, or sugar, nothing. I think they were so thrilled to go on the rides and just have fun that they didn't even realize that all those carts and people dressed in silly garb is to sell you garbage and sugar. Had they asked, I would've totally gotten them some sweets, but not one request!  At the end of the day before we went to dinner I let them each pick a treat for dessert. Sprinkle cookie for Sawyer, rice krispie for Gunnar, and chocolate covered pretzel for Greta. 

And on the way home, in their jammies (which I packed as well), they all enjoyed their dessert and kept asking when we can come back to Disneyland. Successful trip all around, all children accounted for, and the desire to do it again equals. . . a good day.

 Greta thinks she is in heaven right now, drinking a concentrated juice beverage from a box is a definite treat in our family. She wouldn't let you come near her with a ten foot pole until it was all gone!


 All the kids loved the Buzz Lightyear ride, loved it!


 Thank goodness I don't have to worry about drivers licenses for another 10 years! Because they are horrible at it!



Man, that caterpillar coaster in A Bug's Land is a scary one!


Couldn't have said it better myself. . .


And Aaron pretty much hit it home when we were driving back, he looked at me and asked if there is anything better than watching your kids enjoy something? I couldn't think of any. . .