Opposites Attract

I just finished taping up some packages for items I sold on ebay and walked into the living room. . .

Me: What are you watching? (as I tear open my Old Navy delivery and start trying on my new cardigans in basic black, white and navy)

Aaron: It's a Nova special I tivo'ed about the Parthenon. 

Me: Do you like this sweater?

Aaron: Yeah, it's cute. Do you see this, Deborah? The columns on the Parthenon are not straight, hang on, let me rewind this, watch this. . .see, they make up for when you're standing there and looking up, your eyes will see them as straight. And it's the same proportions as Da Vinci's man.

Me: But I can see it's not straight. My eyes tell me that at the tops it goes in.

Aaron: Well that's because of the angle of the camera. If you were there on the steps it would look different.

Me: What's Da Vinci's man? Is that the naked guy I saw in Italy?

Aaron:(surprisingly still very patient with me) No, it's this (and he fast forwards to this naked guy with a big circle around him and his legs together and legs apart, and his arms outstretched).

Me: How'd they make a building after a guy? It's a building, I don't get why they'd copy a man?

Aaron: It's all about principles, the same goes for a building, or a person.

Me: You sure you don't want to watch TMZ instead? I tivo'ed that too.

Aaron: (silence, doesn't even acknowledge that I said anything!) 

Me: Alright, I'm gonna go post on my blog and hang up my new clothes.