It's interesting what is amusing to Greta these days. She has a recent obsession with marbles, and no, she doesn't eat them. We are over the ingesting play-doh and small objects phase, thank goodness. But she just likes to hold them and look at them. The other day I took her to the post office and as I was handed my change she asked for some money. So I handed her a penny. She looked at it and said, "that's nice". I responded that yes, money is nice, but be sure not to put it near your mouth ok? I buckle her in the carseat and we are on our way to the park and she keeps flipping the penny over and over again. 

Greta: That's money.

Me: Yes, Greta. That's called a penny.

She studies the penny for about 4 seconds. . .

Greta: Mama, that's Jesus Chryyyst.

Me: No sweetie, I think that's George Washington.

Greta: No mama, that's Jesus Chryyst.

Me: No, that's George.

Greta: George is nice.

Me: Yes, but so is Jesus Christ.