Yes, we have snow in Southern California. In fact, we left our house at 8am and were here at 9am. It really only took an hour and we were at Frazier Park's Mt. Pinos. But my husband doubted me the entire drive. He didn't believe me when I told him there would be enough snow to ride a sled and have a snowball fight. He envisioned some patch amongst dirt where ice was thawing. Even in the car I could hear him snickering and mocking me "oooh, look over there, I think I saw some snow!" Well, he was hushed very quickly when we got to our destination, in fact he even asked when we were going back. So, yes, an hour from the ocean we have this.


We decided to just take the boys along with a friend and his daughter, I figured Greta wouldn't be one for the cold at this age. We really had a blast. In a last minute rush to make sure we had all the right gear we made a fast trip to the sporting goods store for a sled, gloves for Gunnar and myself, otherwise we had everything else if you can believe it! It was definitely chilly for my blood, it was 29 degrees by the time we got to the top, but it was just breathtaking. 

Another thing my husband liked to mock me about was my snowman. But it wasn't powdery snow, it was kind of hard so we couldn't really make a normal one, but hey, who goes to the snow and doesn't make a snowman?! Not us. Sawyer, myself, and Maddie were not complaining. We liked our little dwarf snowman just fine. 


One very irritating thing is that Aaron refers to sledding as tobogganing. It's sledding. And here is the master who claims he grew up tobogganing and forgets he's not 10 anymore, but rather almost 32! See the progression of events below.




I hope you can see the blood in the last photo because there was a lot of red snow when his face smashed into the ice from the 5 foot jump.

We had to have a snowball fight too, right? So, again, Aaron's idea of a snowball fight.


And a couple last sledding photos.



All in all we had a lot of fun and best of all my husband had to admit I was right (again)!