Dinner with dad

Tuesday night I stayed home with Sawyer and Aaron took our other two offspring to dinner with my parents to Aaron's favorite Thai restaurant. When they got home I got Greta ready for bed and as we were rocking in her rocking chair, she decided to sing herself a lullaby. It goes something like this, rock a ba baby on the teetop when the wind bos the cradle will rock repeat repeat repeat. Then our conversation went something like this:

Greta: You love me mama?

Me: Yes, Greta, I love you.

Greta: You like me mama?

Me: Yes, Greta. I like you. By the way what did you have for dinner?

Greta: Ice cream.

Me: No, that's dessert. Did you have some chicken?

Greta: No, ice cream.

Me: Did you have some rice?

Greta: No, ice cream.

Me: Alright, you're just being silly. Now go to bed. 

After I laid her down in her bed I went downstairs and ran into my husband in the kitchen. Our conversation went something like this,

Me: Greta said she had ice cream for dinner.