bad days

We all have bad days. That's not a genius thought by any means. But when you're a parent your bad days are no longer yours anymore. Instead, your bad days become usually the bad days of little people under 4 feet tall. I can't remember the last time a bad day was mine. But I do remember vividly the last bad day I had, which happened to be today. I am recovering from a wicked cold my germified children probably brought home with them, and of course it's always worse to be sick in summer, right? Well, it's not summer but it is 82 degrees outside. So it might as well be summer. So I haven't slept in 3 nights due to not breathing, very minor problem, but definitely a sleep inhibitor.

It all began, not with me being sick, but this morning when my children woke up sick with the same cold. You kind of get a sense of when it's going to be a bad day right from the start. Like at 6am when Sawyer woke his sister up and both of them are placed in front of the TV by Aaron, at 6am. TV at 6am is a sign of a bad day. There was a lot of hacking and crying and whining, and I decided that if they stay in front of that TV until Gunnar goes to school at 8am their TV watching for the entire day will be over. TV watching time over at 8am is a sign of a a bad day. So I removed them from the TV and placed them in Greta's room to destroy everything their hands could possibly get. Another tell tale sign of a bad day is when Sawyer has to poop at 7:00am. That is not a good thing. Around 8:30am they no longer are signs of a bad day but we're in the midst of a full fledged bad day. And by 8:30am when you have placed your 3 year old in time out at least a dozen times, yep. . .bad day. By 9am I decided to shower, and maybe the world would be a better place when I dried off. Nope, same as I left it only this time Sawyer was using my custom made curtains to climb the walls. When your 1 year old is asking to go nigh-nigh at 9:45, not good. That would only spur this vicious cycle of early nap, early wake up, early bed time, early wake up and you get the point. 

I kept Sawyer home from school because the thought of actually getting them both dressed, fed, including myself, was not happening. And of course I wanted to prevent the inevitable cycle of colds throughout his entire preschool class. By 10am we had done play doh, watched Diego, practiced numbers, reading, crashed the ride on cars into each other, other people and walls about 3 dozen times, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher 2 times, ate 3 clementines, 2 string cheese, milk, apple juice, shredded wheat, oatmeal, an entire container of mango, 2 jelly beans for Greta, 12 mini m&ms for Sawyer, 6 mini m&ms for Greta, 3 prunes, and this was all in a 4 hour span which doesn't include anything I ate. 

Oh, and another tell tale sign of a bad day. . .another poop for Sawyer by 9:30. . .hmmm maybe we should cut back on the prunes. When you realize you have been awake and entertaining, feeding, and wiping, the under 4 foot crowd for 4 hours and it's still morning, like 10am morning, you realize it is going to be a very long bad day. I feel like I'm living in the Alexander books, remember, Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. I think that will be our book prior to naptime, which I think shall commence now, at 11:36am.

To be continued. . .