don't feel too bad

This weekend I did something very enjoyable and solitary and went to the movies. It was joyous, especially the part where AMC Movie Watcher decided to reward me with a free large popcorn and drink. I only drink soda maybe once a month and decided this would be the day to do it. And who can eat a large popcorn alone! I can't, but I tried.

I looked around the movie theatre a few times through the puffed corn kernels that were encompassing my lap, chest, and chin and realized just how many guys were at this chick flick. There were boyfriends and husbands and I thought about how nice they were for accompanying their girls to this movie. A sacrifice. But then I thought about a real sacrifice and what my husband was doing at home. He had volunteered to watch all three of our kids, one of whom is transitioning out of taking naps, so you can imagine what 3pm was like at our house. And come on, is going to the movies with your girlfriend a sacrifice?! Absolutely not. That is a load of crap junk garbage dookie.(see babe, I'm with you on the whole bringing obsolete language back) I don't care if it was the worst Keanu Reeves movie in the world, going to any movie does not count as a sacrifice. Offering to stay with your wife's 3 small children is sacrifice. So, thank you. 

But before you all start feeling warm and cozy about my amazing generous sacrificing husband, feast your eyes on his newest possession. This is what I came home to.


After I was told this lame story about how he had to sell his snowboard when we were dating to buy me something, which he couldn't quite remember what that something was, he pulls this out. New board, boots, and bindings. So please don't feel sorry for him or spend any time pondering what a great dad and husband he is, because although he is all those things, he makes up for it in his own ways. He likes to be a martyr sometimes and plays the part real well of an endearing selfless husband, however, all of you don't get to see what happens behind closed doors, like hopping around my living room in his latest and greatest purchase.

And you wanna guess what's next? I'm sure lift tickets will be accompanying this new toy. . .