old school

Now I realize why moms are so good at keeping certain things that they hope one day their grandchildren will enjoy. My mom recently pulled out some toys and dolls from when I was a kid and Greta has reaped the benefits. It has been really crazy to watch her play with my old figurines, all the while, I wonder what kind of toxic lead content they have and if these would have been recalled by the Federal Toy Commission(if that even exists).

The even crazier part is I squealed upon seeing these particular ones, pulled them out of the Strawberry Shortcake lunch box where they have been living and showed them off to my husband. . .who had no clue who these people were?! Come on! Who cannot see these people and know exactly what movie they came from? None, I would hope. Or you need to go back to the old school classic musical collection and find out!


Don't you just love how I scribbled my sister's first and last name out and put my own? And to think I have been under the impression I was such a great sharer!