Out of the mouth of babes

Just a few highlights of Greta's newfound comprehension of the English language. Although Sawyer was my youngest child to talk, she has been the earliest to form sentences, with correct use of possession, pronouns, and sentence structure. She sure loves the possessive phrases, but with 2 older brothers you can't blame her for learning these early. She is now 20 months old and here's a few excerpts:

 Look at my hair.

I'm a ballerina, look at me dancing.

Chewbacca is gonna die.

That's enough.

That's my beauty mark. It's nice.

I'm brushing your hair, mama.

This makeup is nice.

I want some milk. Make me a bottle. Pease.

You stink.

I'm gonna climb on the table.

This is a rectangle. (insert other shapes also, she knows circle, star, heart, diamond, square, and oval)

I'm one.

Your earrings are buutifull.

Gunnar, are you payin' wif star wars?

Chewbacca is gonna die.

I'm a girl. I'm Aurora. (insert any known princess, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White. . .)

Kin Titon is takin' a baff. (King Triton)

Where's Gunnar? He at school. 

Where's mama? She nigh-nigh. (normally said on Sat./Sun. before 8am)

Chewbacca is gonna die.