Million Dollar Baby

It is currently 10:43pm and you can just call me Million Dollar Baby. Because I just beat my husband in Wii Boxing. Yep, I took him down, hard! Yeah baby!

I hate videogames and was totally against this purchase, just for the record. And now I know why they say it's like an addiction. I am sitting here, pouring in sweat (which by the way my Zumba class didn't even do that!) and elated that I whooped his heinie in boxing! My shoulder hurts and I think I pulled a muscle, but I won. 

By the way, my children will not be competing in the boxing aspect of this videogame. Too violent. But it is awesome to get all the pent up anger and frustration out! I am very glad we have curtains because we looked like a pair of idiots standing there punching the air while ducking and jabbing. I can foresee this replacing our quiet and romantic late evening movie dates on the couch. Instead we will be competing for championships in golf, baseball, and boxing. But I think I have found my new form of exercise.