It's That TIme of Year Again

Since Gunnar was 2 years old we've been really good about taking annual family photos. It's interesting that for awhile there we had a new kid in the photo every year! Fortunately, that has stopped. So our wonderful photographer, Mike, whose link is under My Photographer in my links section offered to do our shoot once again. You can see last year's photos on his website, which we took at the beach, and were awesome! But I don't think this years photos are up the site yet. Knowing Mike, he will tweak them until they are just perfect before he puts them on his site. The children were very uncooperative, but he still managed to do a great job. Now it's only a matter of picking which are my favorites getting them printed at my favorite photo shop buying the correct frames deciding where on the wall to hang them making aaron bring in his cordless drill making aaron hang the actual photos and we're done. Here are a few of my favorites.