brother & sister

Sawyer has been on winter break for a little over a week now. And surprisingly, Greta and he have been getting along really well. Too well, almost. It's a little strange if you ask me for them to spend so many hours together and not try to kill each other. 

The other morning I had taken Gunnar to school and was loading the dishwasher and I realized I had heard from the two little ones for over 30 minutes. Odd, most definitely.

They then marched into the kitchen with their plan. They were talking amongst themselves about the new game they created. It went something like this,

Sawyer: Greta, I know! Let's play something called Brother & Sister.

Greta: Okay! How bout I be the sister and you be the brother?

I am thinking to myself that it's only a matter of minutes before they are asking me for knives and sharp objects to inflict pain on one another.

Sawyer: Okay. 

Greta: What should we do?

Here we go, I know it. . . they're going to strangle each other. Because of course, that's how THIS brother and sister normally behave.

Sawyer: You follow me. 

They proceeded to put on their rainboots. They then marched around the house. They told each other to do various duties such as pour water into the dog's water bowl. Sprinkle a few dog food pellets into the dog water bowl. Open and close umbrellas until one of them broke. Crawl in and out of Sawyer's bed, still wearing their rain boots, and pretend to sleep, and them be woken up by the "brother/sister". 

I honestly had no clue that this could possibly go on for 2 hours. If I could sing, I seriously would've been singing. To have them create a game called Brother & Sister and it not involve murder of some kind makes me proud. And then the fact that it never donned on them that in reality they truly are Brother & Sister.

If winter break is going to be like this for 3 more weeks, bring it on!