Ojai Part I

With only one year excluded because they were closed for renovation, we haven't missed a November here in 21 years. Crazy, huh? But let me tell you, I love it. We love it. And it just gets better every year as the kids get older. We have tweaked and perfected our routine pretty well through the years. For instance, we prefer heading up on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, less traffic, and the week is that much longer. And then we used to come home every other year on Saturday because of the USC and Notre Dame game. Well now we come home on Saturdays no matter what and spend Sundays unpacking and doing laundry and becoming a normal person again. 

My sister and I have also perfected the spa. We know which providers are best for certain services, along with the times of day that are ideal for the most relaxation. And if you ask my sis, it's from 11am-5pm, that's pretty much the time each day that Tati is nowhere to be found. Well, she can be found but only if you are donning a robe and slippers. 

As a family we even know the rooms to request each year. Yeah, we've been going there awhile.

It was pouring rain when we arrived Tuesday and it rained all day Wednesday. So rain and 3 small children along with a hotel room, just don't mesh well. So we took the opportunity to go see a late morning showing of the new movie Bolt. The kids enjoyed it, and so did Aaron and I, it was cute. Although Miley Cyrus' voice irked me to no end.

That left Thursday and the rest of the week with the most gorgeous weather. It's really chilly at night there, sometimes it dips into the 30s and 40s, but I don't think it got below 50 this time. And the days ranged between 60-65. The resort has some of the most gorgeous backdrops for photos. 

Click here for some pics from our last trip there. Gunnar is loving the whole golf aspect of the vacation now. And the kids just spent hours walking around the grounds and hiking trails. I have a ton of photos to share so I will divide them up a little. Here is part I. They have the best benches and gorgeous trees all over the property. It just screams FAMILY PORTRAITS. I only wish it were closer to where we lived, or we would be all over that!

There are more photos to come of our day at the Santa Barbara Zoo with our good friends, Jane, David, and Alissa.