I held her off this long. . .

My mom that is. I have held her off for over 2 years but this one day at The Grove I could hold her off no longer. I gave in. I caved. 

We have entered into the beginning of the end. This American Girl mecca is going to be insane. Yes, I do like that the dolls and stories are wholesome and modest. I am happy that my daughter does not like the dolls that wear thong underwear and makeup. But I am not happy at the cost of these freakin' dolls! Give me a break. And it's a whole other world out there. They have their own strollers and high chairs, their own musical instruments and beds, there are beauty salon chairs and sleeping bags, dog beds and leashes. I could go on. . . and on. . . and on.

What cracked me up was that after all the excitement my mother had over buying this doll and piercing the dolls ears, and everything that goes with it, the ONLY thing Greta wanted was to buy the doll these hideous purple glasses! I was laughing so hard. I know my mom must've been cringing inside. Here she is, I believe her name is Molly. I just love the tacky glasses!