apparently. . .

my children are much more computer literate than I am. In fact, they know how to do things that I have no clue how to do. For instance, they had the giggles one night and they were hovering around the computer as I was folding laundry. After about 10 minutes I came into the kitchen to see what could possibly be so funny. Well, Macs have this photobooth program apparently and the kids have known how to do it for a really long time. 

They showed me the program and these were in the archive. Tanya, when did you take this?! Literally, there are hundreds of photos. Mainly of Sawyer all by himself. Now I know how he stays busy while I put Greta down for her naps. Here are my faves.




And then they showed me how to work it. 



We are HERE right now, so I'm going to take another little break and enjoy some massages, time with my family, and the Santa Barbara Zoo. Be back next week.