keeping us busy

chess-1I bought this book and had no idea how BIG of a hit this was going to be with the boys. Gunnar used to draw for hours, and then kind of lost interest for awhile. Well. . . not anymore. He is back to drawing for entire afternoons, and his little brother has followed in his footsteps as well. I love that this book, although it may revolve around Star Wars, has inspired their inner artist.

Another thing that Gunnar and I can do for hours is play chess together. On Mondays he takes a chess class in the after school enrichment program and today I walked in to pick him up near the end of class and I was able to watch him play chess with a 2nd grader. These two boys just went back and forth, Gunnar was a little disheartened when he lost his queen, but 3 moves later, Gunnar had him in checkmate. For me to beat him I have to really concentrate of what I'm doing, otherwise he will just walk all over me. And he's 6! I think I learned to play chess sometime last year. . .

Here is out sad chess board, well, the board is awesome, our pathetic plastic pieces are another story. Fortunately our wood pieces should be here sometime this week.