My little "no voice" mishap turned into a raging sinus and upper respiratory infection. I finally went in to the doctor on Thursday, and he knows it's bad when I am sobbing as soon as he asks me what's wrong. He put me on 3 different antibiotics and told me it was pretty bad. I was afraid it was pneumonia since I could not breathe for the life of me. But it wasn't. The great thing was that he prescribed me a cough syrup with codeine. That is the stuff! I took it at 11am on Thursday and can't tell you what happened until 9pm that night. Unfortunately I think there were a few hours that day where the kids were home with me alone. Gunnar was here, so don't think I am totally neglectful, but there was a lot of roaming through the house and climbing in bed with mama and attempting to pry her eyelids open to make sure she was still alive. 

The lovely part was that Wednesday Aaron started his new job, so he was unavailable Wed-Fri, and then on Saturday he had an 8 hour training day. But we have watched a lot of movies, read a lot of books, broke open our new Diego and Princess Wii games, played a lot of Chess, and my mom and sister came to the rescue throughout the days as well. I am on the mend, thank goodness although my friend's tell me I still sound like a man. So much for the sexy voice, huh?

This will teach me to listen more carefully to my body and go to the doctor sooner rather than later.