5 things i dread

1. My next birthday. 29 seems so ridiculously close to 30, and 30, well, forget about it. I just cannot comprehend being 29 years old when I only feel 17 on the inside.

2. The days my boys don't think I'm the prettiest girl they know anymore. I know that day is fast approaching, and I am savoring each time they look at me with those adoring little faces, all the while thinking that mom is "it". <sigh> Soon I will be replaced by some tween in a training bra and rollerblades.

3. The starting of a new book. It might sound strange, but I know when I begin a new book I will be consumed and cannot do much else other than read. I won't start a book unless I am certain my big chores and projects are out of the way.

4. The unpacking after a vacation. Probably one of my MOST dreaded chores. 

5. And last, my most hated, and most dreaded thing of all time. . . potty training. I despise it. I wish I could pay someone to come in and teach my children how to urinate in the toilet. I won't start the potty training unless I am certain it can be done and accomplished in a few days. For 3 days straight, I do nothing but sit next to the child in training and ask them like a broken record every 15-25 seconds, "do you have to pee now? how bout now?" And the 15-25 seconds in between those questions I am pouring milk, juice, water, and salty foods down their throat so they can drink drink drink so they pee pee pee and we can get it done and over with as fast as childly possible. I thought once I found out Greta was a girl "yahoo! my last kid to potty train is a girl! piece 'o cake" Yeah, not really. She's the most against the whole idea of potty training than her brothers were combined. On a daily basis I ask her if she wants to wear panties yet, her response, "maybe on saturday". This winter is going to put me in the looney bin. I can feel it.

And there you have my 5 most dreaded things.