House Project- November

Ever since Greta got her own room and moved out of our bedroom, the kids lost their playroom. It has been fine and they never really complained, but slowly over time they have been taking over the guesthouse. First it was an innocent toy chest of Legos, then another toy chest full of my old Cabbage Patch dolls and their clothes, then it was their ride on wooden airplane that Grandpa made for them, and lastly it was the ginormous Foosball table my mother so lovingly bought them. Needless to say, another plan was put into action. And my lovely husband totally offered out of the goodness of his own heart, and completely voluntarily, the use of his garage. When he mentioned that he would be willing to take his truck out of the garage and sacrifice it for Foosball . . . something must be up. 

Little did he know that it would involve my rearranging of certain things, and the need for it to be a little cleaner than the garage has been in the last 3 years. So here is some photos of Aaron washing the floor of his old garage.



I had been storing some of the things, like the kids' train table, and others I just moved in there, and it was as if the kids were celebrating every birthday and holiday that we don't celebrate! Just a little repositioning and it was as if they had walked into a brand new toy store. Needless to say, they wake up now and immediately ask to go play in their new playroom. Aaron too is reliving his lego days of his youth and the foosball table has him pretty enthralled as well. I bought a cheap rug at Ikea and repurposed some other things. There is still some tidying up and organizing that has to be done. But I have learned not to intervene, the wrath of Aaron when Deborah touches a "tool" or god forbid an empty box! Ouch.