Here is what I'm proud of right this minute:

1. I made it through my first 2 days of the cleanse. I have never wanted a tortilla chip more in my life! But I did really good. All I think about is food however. And I am eating a ton! I just feel like the food doesn't last long. My first day consisted of millet cereal and rice milk with sliced bananas, a snack of a rice cake with humus, for lunch I had mayo-free tuna salad on brown rice crackers, snack of almonds and apple slices with almond butter, and for dinner I had braised lamb and rice and beans with guacamole. I don't eat that much food in 2 days! I took the cleanse and supplements as well. The first day was horrible, really hard, but today, not so bad. I have a lot of options always on hand, and I was able to choke down the cleanse without gagging. Yay me!

2. Gunnar had his school assembly and was named Student of the Month! It was the first thing that came out of his mouth when I saw him. He said that the Assistant Principal said he is respectful, polite, helps others, always wants challenges, and he couldn't remember what else she said. I could burst with how proud I am of him!

3. Sawyer got a good behavior ticket at school today. I am so proud of that little man. He was pretty happy himself, yesterday he didn't get a ticket and according to Sawyer on what happened, well, he just "forgot to be good". Plain and simple, right?