Star Wars

It is an obsession. All boys eventually go through it and it still amazes me after, what, 3 decades, this phenomenon is only bigger. George Lucas was definitely a genius. And it's truly fascinating to me that Aaron and his boys can like the same thing with equal enthusiasm and awe. 

We always make it a point to ride Star Tours at Disneyland, but this last weekend when we stayed at the hotel, we let the boys participate in the Jedi training show. I have to say I was even impressed! They had this stage where it raised up and Darth Vader and his storm troopers came out. Of course this only happened after all the kids were decked out in their robes and light sabers and had the adequate training to be deemed a paduan. Next up they had to battle either Darth Vader or Darth Mal (?) Needless to say, this was the part where Sawyer took his tearful leave. I think he thought it was real. When the kids were lining up for battle, I got the wave and point from one of the Jedi teachers. Gunnar was has some fast footwork and this was definitely the highlight of his day. 

And this is what the boys looked like the rest of the day. I can't stop smiling that they are standing the exact same way. Same knee bend, same foot stance. Too cute!

And by the way, my cleanse was over Monday night, woohoo! Although Monday was kind of a wash. I was so close I could taste the cheesecake. And that's exactly what I did. But I have to say I don't crave the white flour enriched stuff anymore, I am totally content with whole wheat now. And as far as sugar? Just give me some unsweetened dark chocolate. . . divine.