House Project- October

We have been in our home since renovating for over 3 years now. And our landing when you walk upstairs has been incomplete for 3 years. Okay, not incomplete, but nothing. Nada. Empty. A big ugly wall space. Originally we were going to have built in cabinets put in for holding linens for the upstair bedrooms, but as most understand, if you don't do it before you move in, you will never do it. 

So bare it has been. And finally I decided I would find the right piece of furniture for the alcove. It's a tricky space because it is very long but shallow. Here is the before pictures, we were just using a spare antique dresser to hold necessities. 

And here is the landing now. It isn't 100% done, but the spaces I will fill in gradually with the kids' artwork and more photographs as I take them. This is kind of them through my eyes. My favorite pieces they bring home or what they create at the art table, and them just being them through the lens of my camera. I love the lamp and the dresser style. I think it is one of my favorite spaces now in my home.