It's 1am

in the morning. For some reason my timestamp is not correct. I wish it was only 11:40pm. I am awake because I got the greenlight to have some pure unsweetened dark chocolate. I went to Trader Joe's and bought 4 bars. That was all that was in my shopping cart. The checkout girl looked at me and asked "so did you find everything else you were looking for other than the chocolate?" My response? "All I was looking for WAS chocolate. I have a craving." I paid and walked out the door. By the time I got home it was 9pm. I sat down and consumed an entire bar of unsweetened dark chocolate. 

I am awake at 1pm. I have reread every blog I already read today. I have read my Bible. I have finished the book I was reading. I watched a movie. I tucked my kids in 3 times. I edited some photos. I am not tired.

My cleanse is over in 3 days and I don't think I will be eating any more dark chocolate past noon any day.