Our Weekend with Mickey

Well, we only saw Mickey very briefly, and from afar. I really don't care much about Mickey. I don't know, the whole mouse thing. Kinda creepy, don't you think?

But we did have a lot of fun. We drove down Friday afternoon and checked into the Grand Californian. We spent Saturday at the pool with friends and then we went on to a scavenger hunt throughout the hotel. An example of my Soso's personality? At the end of the scavenger hunt, each child got a ticket which they turned in for a chocolate Mickey Mouse cookie. The cookie was of Mickey's head, with an 2 ears. Since the scavenger hunt ended at 5pm I told the kids they could have ONE ear and then save the rest for after their dinner. I thought this was very generous of me, I mean, we were on vacation. Well, the thought of breaking his cookie was too much for Soso. Instead of having to deface his cookie, he said he'd rather wait and handed me back the cookie. Seriously. A child who would forego a broken cookie and wait several hours so that his cookie would remain intact. That's my boy. 

Sunday we spent the day at the parks. FYI, Greta is a crazy driver on Autopia. I think she gave me whiplash and I had to hold onto her with both hands so she wouldn't fling herself out of the car when she refused to turn the way the road wanted her to go. Another FYI, my husband only likes to go to Disneyland with my friend Jane's husband, David. He really appreciated the dark brown beverage that David brings in a plastic bottle that says "water". If only Mickey knew the contraband being snuck into his kingdom. . .

There was a lot of this at the pool.

On the scavenger hunt.