Greta & Soso

Cleanse Update: I am still on it, and doing pretty good considering we were at Disneyland for 3 days. I was ready to throw in the towel Friday. In fact, I had a piece of chocolate Thursday night and I was nauseous afterwards. I couldn't believe it! Here I had waited 11 days for a piece of chocolate, and I ate it and was sick to my stomach. Friday morning I spoke with my nutritionist and told her I didn't think I was getting enough calories and that I thought I had lost a few pounds. She told me that my metabolism is ridiculously fast and that while we were away she wanted me to have some steak, and some whole wheat would be okay too. And that's what I had. I had a steak Friday night and whole wheat toast Sunday morning. Ohhh, the glory! It was heaven. The rest of the time I had my cleanse powders and ate fish, humus, fruit, black beans, and rice cakes. But now that we're back I am determined to be on it completely. I have one full week left and that seems like a drop in the bucket after the last 2 weeks. 

These are some older photos I never got to post. My computer is getting a new burn drive replaced so our Disney photos will come later this week.

These 2 were so funny on this tree. I'm not sure where they were driving to, but they sure did.

Greta decided to dance a solo, and I love how Sawyer is in the background of these.