We are all about tea parties in this house lately. In fact, Soso and Gunnar have been known to be persuaded to participate in a tea party once in awhile. Soso likes to refer to himself as the "waiter" however, he is not really an attendee. If her brothers are not around and she is bored of me, she has parties with her figurines. 

We're heading out for the weekend and I'm pretty excited because Aaron brought me home a little present. A new lens for my camera! I have a hard time using my current favorite lens, 50mm fixed, when we're outside because I have no zoom ability. It's fantastic indoors, but outside not so great. It's designed for low light situations so when we're in bright outside light with kids running every which way, not so good. The lens he bought is awesome, I was playing around with it a little this afternoon. This is the one he got, and I think it'll be perfect for all my photos at the park, backyard, Disneyland, etc. It has better zoom than my standard kit lens that came with my camera, it has a larger range, so I can get pretty close up. Hopefully I will have some fun shots to share with you all on Monday!