First Day of Fall for REAL

Cleanse Update: I have officially hit a wall. Seriously, it's killing me. It has been 9 straight days of not a lick of sugar or wheat or soy or dairy. And I'm dying. Just let me lay myself down right here on this computer screen and put the shift button into my orbital socket. All I can think about is everything I cannot have. Literally, many times a day I tell myself, "okay, just give yourself 5 minutes and if you still want that after 5 minutes you can have it". Well, after 982 minutes I still want it, but have been distracted by some little person who needs their nose wiped or boo boo kissed so by the time I make it back into the kitchen I've forgotten what morsel I was craving so desperately that I would be willing to cut off my right pinky for and sell the birthright I don't even own to whomever wants it. Mornings are totally do-able. I wake up, make my shake and begin the craziness of the day. It's the afternoons and evenings that I am DYING. I will definitely make it til Friday, but then I don't know what I'm going to do. . .we're going to be at Disneyland for THREE days. Three days people. What am I going to do. Sure, one day, not so bad. I can pack things for 1 day. THREE? Yeah, Mickey ain't gonna like me lugging in my blender and gallon jar of OptiCleanse now will he? If I get to Friday with my self respect still intact, which I am barely holding onto by a thread, I think I will need a 3 day reprieve of some kind. Not binge, but just ability to actually consume food that normal restaurants serve. I am all for packing my cleanse and supplements, and in all honesty, I can do without the dairy, soy, beef, but the sugar and wheat is where I think I will need a little break. And then I ask myself, if I break the cleanse will it be all for nothing? Is it best to just break it completely, then just do it half way and then after a few days go back on it full throttle? I don't know. I don't know. I am dying. I am dying.  I feel so mixed. On one side, I have total self respect and immense pride that I've come this far and done this many days. On the other hand I realize how little self control I must have that I can't even complete 3 measly weeks! I am weak. I must be. I need to pray for holy spirit because obviously I am lacking one of the fruitages of the spirit, self control. I will make it through day 11, and then I have no clue what will happen. Maybe I will have this huge epitome and be endowed with strength and say, hey, what's TEN WHOLE more days when you've done ELEVEN! And then maybe I will melt into a puddle of dark goo on the floor for failing miserably. I will try to keep you posted. I will be totally honest and share with all of you who so nicely read my blog and judge me so quietly on how miserably I am feeling. No matter what, I will be miserable. Miserable with disappointment in myself, or miserable with having to go through this for 10 more days. oy vey.

Back to what you came for. . .

Finally we have some fall weather. And by fall I mean temperatures that dip below 70 degrees. In fact it's been in the 60s here and in the low 50s at night. That most definitely calls for my boots and sweaters. I am pretty thrilled to be breaking out my warmer clothes. With the first real day of cool weather came a really windy night which left our yard looking like a pine needle forest. Our neighbor has a dozen huge pine trees and it hasn't rained or been windy here for awhile, so you can imagine the aftermath. 

Fortunately our kids are still of the age where they think that raking pine needles is fun and cool and not a boring chore. You couldn't get their shoes on quick enough before they got out the door.


Of course 2 days after I took these photos, we had temps in the high 80s! Seriously, what a tease! I cannot wait for it to cool down for AWHILE. . .like a week!