I was sitting at the table one afternoon while Gunnar was doing his homework. He finished his creative writing and this is the conversation that ensued.

Me: Gunnar, don't you think you should color in that picture you drew that goes with your sentences?

Gunnar: Moooommmm, it's not 1989.

Me: What? So only in 1989, soooo long ago, did we use crayons?

Gunnar: Yeah, I don't need to color it in.

Me: What do you think even happened in 1989 anyways?

Gunnar: Bobby Jones played golf. 

Me: Who is Bobby Jones?

Gunnar: A great golfer mama.

The phone rings and it happened to be my dad.

Me: Pop, who is Bobby Jones?

Papa: The greatest amateur golfer of all time.

Me: Was he alive in 1989?

Papa: No. He probably died in the 60s.

Me: Thanks.

Me: Gunnar, Bobby Jones wasn't even alive in 1989.

Gunnar: Oh, well it seems like he was.

And then I realized that 1989 is the same thing to my son as 1960. Both are so long ago that he can throw one of those years out and they just represent the "all encompassing so long ago" meaning. How sad is that! 1989!

In the end, I won. And the picture was colored. It may be completely green and done in 10 seconds, but I still won.