A day at Disney

We took advantage of a day Gunnar had off from school and Tati and I took the kids to Disneyland. This is probably one of the least expensive things we can do, shocking, I know! Since we have season passes, it's free, even parking. And I packed our lunches, so the whole day we spent. . .$11. Pretty good, huh? And that $11 was on ice cream. Of course, not for myself, the kids. I am still on that darn cleanse! 

We met Jane and Alissa there and the kids had a blast. I love how the girls recognize each other now. They talk on the phone too. It usually involves a conversation like this,

Greta: Awissa, you wanna come to my house?

Alissa: Yesh.

Greta: You wanna pway wiff my toys?

Alissa: Yesh.

And so on. And this could go on for many many minutes.

Here are a few pics of our day. Jane and I for some reason are not in any of them. Sorry Jane! Next time. 

I blurred out Gunnar's shirt since it had his school's name, and well, it's just a little freaky that the world can know where he goes to school! Sawyer doesn't look too happy here, but trust me, he is! This was THE ride we HAD to go on. It's the new Toy Story ride, and that is all he was concerned about. I think the face is a little angsty since it was BEFORE the ride, and he probably didn't believe me that he was actually going to go on it!

Here's the girls at the Playhouse Disney show. They LOVED it.