Cars rolling over

This particular day Greta thought it not a problem to walk in front of the car and back around another car into the driving lane of a parking lot. I was buckling Sawyer in his booster and after she was chastised we had a little discussion on the drive home.

Me: Greta. You know better than that. You are never to walk in the street or in a parking lot.

Sawyer: Yeah Greta. A car may roll over you.

Greta: A car will roll over me, and I will cry?

Sawyer: No. A car will roll over you and you will DIE!

Greta: A car will roll over me and I will DIE?

Me: Yes, it could happen Greta. You NEVER walk into a parking lot without holding my hand. A car can hit you and really hurt you.

Greta: No, a car won't hit me. It will roll over me and I will die.

Sawyer: And Greta if you're dead, you can't play with me. 

Greta: If I'm dead I can't play with you Soso? 

Sawyer: No. And I would be so sad because I like playing with you Greta.

Greta: Okay Soso. I will not go in da stweet so I will not get rolled over by a car.

Just melt my heart why don't you.

Cleanse Update:  I am going to start day 7 of the cleanse. Which means my cleanse powder/vitamins have doubled. Not the best tasting let me tell you. I am a third done and am determined to stick with it. Each day has it's moments where I am standing in the fridge and staring at a string cheese, asking myself, do I eat it? But then I think about the last 6 days and feel it would all be for nothing if I give in. So here I sit with my cantaloupe thinking about a piece of chocolate and counting the days where I can actually partake of one. I can do it. . .I can do it. . .